About us

Who are we?

Gordian provides professional software services to schools. We are made by teachers, for teachers, so we understand the educational context you are operating in.

The story of the Gordian Knot is a metaphor for solving difficult problems by thinking differently. And that's exactly what we are trying to do.

We're here to help SENDCOs manage their learning plans and provisions — and get the best from pupils as a result.

We're here to help DSLs keep track of their important safeguarding documentation and ensure nothing gets missed.

We work closely with specialists in Send and Safeguarding fields and listen to our users' feedback to continually refine the services which we deliver.

We want to save you time with the mundane tasks, so that you can spend time doing the things which matter — helping pupils.

Gordian Knot

In 333 BC Alexander the Great arrived at Gordium, the ancient capital of Phrygia (modern day central Turkey). According to Greek myth, there he found the Gordian Knot, an incredibly elaborate and complicated knot around an ox-cart.

Legend had it that whosoever could untie the knot would become ruler of Asia. Alexander tried, and failed, to untie the knot. So he simply cut through it with his sword.