Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Gordian Data takes great care to protect the privacy of our customers. This Privacy Policy explains the ways in which we collect, store and use data about you. This Privacy Policy only applies to use of this website’s guest pages at and not to any centrally held data on our system which falls under our Data Processing Agreement with Data Controllers.

Personal data you submit

Some pages on this website, for example the contact page, give you the option to submit your details to us in order that we can respond to you. We will only use this information to contact you back as requested. The legal basis for collecting this data is your consent as the Data Subject: by submitting your personal data you are consenting to it being processed by Gordian Data Limited. We retain contact information for one year only, after which time it is destroyed.

Third parties

We never share your contact details with any other party, except where required to do so under law.


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Your right to be forgotten

If you have submitted personal information to this website, please contact us on if you wish us to cease using it as described above.